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How to download only the audio part of a video from YouTube

To download the audio track, you will need to perform a number of simple methods:

Method 1

Just add "ff" to the video URL and press enter, then Youtube video will be instantly downloaded:

URL to download with "ff":

Method 2
  1. Open the service page with the appropriate tool.
  2. Insert a link to the video of interest in the field. Links in different formats can be used, and the full list is provided in the form of a list.
  3. Click the confirm button and wait for the conversion to finish and download the desired mp3 file.

Download the soundtrack to YouTube videos in one click

There are many videos on YouTube with an audio track that may be of interest. These are various clips, promotional videos, or trailers. To get only youtube to mp3 converted sound, previously users had to look for a method to download the video from the site, then separate the audio stream from it and convert it to mp3. Thanks to this service, you can avoid unnecessary actions by using a convenient online interface.

Thanks to the integration of all functions, including youtube video to mp3, you can now download audio from YouTube in just one click. This allows you to save a lot of time, especially when downloading from a whole list of links at once. This is helped by the ability to work in multithreaded mode.

When creating the service, the developers tried to make it as universal as possible. That is why it is a web page that can be opened from any desktop or portable device. Without installing any additional applications. You can also convert youtube to mp3 via this service.

Among other advantages of the service, there is no need to register a separate account. All functions including youtube to mp3 are available in guest mode. Therefore, every visitor can use the option to save audio files to mp3 without additional loss of time to create their own account.