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How to download videos

Each user can download a video clip that interests them with a few simple steps.

Method 1

Just add "ff" to the video URL and press enter, then Youtube video will be instantly downloaded:

URL to download with "ff":

Method 2

If you need to download only an audio track, for example, from a clip, you can choose to download in mp3 format in the options. To appreciate all the advantages of the service, you should try to use it, especially since it works for free for all visitors.

Downloading of any video from YouTube has become easier thanks to the service

Interesting videos are regularly posted on YouTube. Some of them may be liked so much that you will want to save them for further viewing outside of the video hosting. In addition, sometimes the creators themselves delete part of the video from their channels. A special service will help you not to lose them, with the help of which you can download any video files with a choice of quality.

Advantages of the FastFrom service

Among other similar applications and pages on the web, this service has the following advantages:

  • No need to register. Any guest who looks at the official website can get access to all the functions same as youtube to mp4 converter.
  • Any files are uploaded. To do this, you just need to copy the link from the video page and paste it into the appropriate field.
  • There is a choice of quality. If the video after youtube to mp4 converter should take up a minimum of space, you can download it in low quality by simply selecting the appropriate one from the drop-down list.
  • There is support for all devices. The developers have tried to achieve versatility, which is expressed in creating a page on the web, and not separate applications for PCs and mobile devices.
  • Conversion takes place in accelerated mode. So that the video can be opened on any device, it is converted to the usual mp4 format.